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Hospital grade bed nurse call system communication system is launching to ANI !!!醫院級病床護士呼叫系統通訊系統正在向ANI推出!

Happy to share with you all that ANI has launched our first call bell systems. Yes, after so many years of consideration, we have finally have our own call bell systems that can connects to our software.

The call bell systems comes with a bedside patient panel allow patient to call directly to nursing station. A corrider display with time and paitent name with bed number.

Please call 60606264 for any sales enquiry.

很高興與您分享 ANI 推出了我們的第一個呼叫鈴系統。是的,經過這麼多年的考慮,我們終於有了自己的呼叫鈴系統,可以連接到我們的軟體。




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